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Thursday, March 11, 2010

warm and fuzzy

Dear Craftbusters,
I feel compelled now the cooler weather is here to embrace the changing of the seasons with some autumnal craft. Any suggestions?

warm and fuzzy
Red Hill Victoria

Dear Warm and Fuzzy,
you will have to become a forager, a hunter/gather,a squirrel if you will. Can we suggest corn husk birds, acorn wreathes and glittered pine cones? We could!
But we wont.
Just go knit a scarf for winter like a normal person. And dont be a crazy woodland creature 
it's unbecoming.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Social Pariah

Dear Craftbusters,
I recently attended what I was lead to believe was a book club evening. Granted a book was discussed, but midway through proceedings each member of the group pulled out knitting projects. Suddenly I couldn't hear the person next to me for the sound of clack clacking. More significantly I could no longer be an active and participating member of the group. I was a social pariah. What would you recommend I do in such challenging situations?

North Fitzroy

Dear Social Pariah,

what you needed was a patented Craftbusters Emergency Kit, containing mini needles, yarn and cast on instructions. 

Remember its easier to knit in public 
than cry in public.